Ahcon Wheel Service Equipment A/S

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For more than 40 years, has our world revolved around tyres and the practical way  of handling them. With creativity and ingenuity, we have developed special products for tyre and auto industry, which both improves the workflow in the workshop and sets new standards for how ergonomic, safe and intelligent you can work with the tires.

By combining our innovative approach and great market knowledge, we have created our own basic philosophy that penetrates everything we do. We call it the ESI -  workflow.

ESI stands for Ergonomic / Safe / Intelligent. Three concepts that are an
indispensable part of our solutions. Whether it is the design of the workflow for workshops, development or of new cutting-edge special products or optimizing already existing products.
After four decades, the demand for our products is greater than ever. One reason is that tyre and wheel were becoming larger and heavier to handle.

When Ahcon Wheel Service Equipment A/S started a wheel for a standard passenger van in average of 12 Kg. Today the weight is often more than 25 kg.
Ahcon Wheel Service Equipment A/S was founded in 1970 by inventor Arne Hjorth Hansen, who had a deep passion and many ideas for the machinery and equipment for tyre and auto industry. Today Ahcon is an independent subsidiary company under the Nordisk Dæk Import A/S.

Ahcon employs 22 people and around 95% of the production is exported to Europe and to overseas markets. Ahcon is in cooperation with partners in more than 25 countries in both the automotive sector and in the aerospace industry.