Telling the story

Ahcon-logo-på-jakke.pngAhcon Wheel Service Equipment was created and founded by the imaginative and inventive Arne Hjorth
Hansen in 1970.

In the beginning he was very interested in assembly machines for truck wheels,
but soon expanded his areas of interest. Arne Hjorth Hansen had a well-developed sense to see what was missing on the market - both safety and efficiency purposes. For example, he saw the need to increase security by
inflating truck tyres, therefore he engineered and patented his safety cages,
that are now recognized worldwide.

Arne Hjorth Hansen also saw the possibility of streamlining the workshop.
Therefore, he developed the first inflation dispensers, the PCI´s, with over
pressure and automatically controlling the operating pressure, which is the
basis of the inflation computers Ahcon produces today.

And the innovative thinking continued. Soon Arne Hjorth Hansen saw
opportunities to mount tires on the assembly line. It became the beginning of
the Speed Line system. Here you could mount tyres ergonomic and in a safe way
in a short time. The special lifting device made ​​sure that the operator does not
overcharged his back with repetitions of heavy lifting, and the brilliant
horizontal Bead Breaker, BBRT, did such that the tire could be pressed free off
the rim without the operator having to bend and twist his back. This machine
quickly became one of Ahcon´s biggest sales of successes.

Over the years, Arne Hjorth Hansen's creative and functionalist brain spawned a
raft of innovative beads for the tyre and auto industry. Machinery and equipment,
that has made the work with tyres ergonomic, safe and intelligent.

In 2006 Arne Hjorth Hansen's sold his lifework to Nordic Dæk Import A/S, where
it is now an independent subsidiary company, and where new intelligent machines
and equipment continue to be developed from the same thinking.