Extra Products

  1. Floor stand

    Floor stand

    Floor stand with spring holder incl. Inflating gauge

  2. Roller bridge

    Roller bridge

    For eliding use of Match Matic

  3. Roll set

    Roll set

    For low sidewalls

  4. Roller table with three rollers

    Roller table with three rollers

    With three rollers

MatchMatic 900 (600 30 000)


MatchMatic 900      *600 30 000*


H: 1430 mm
W: 620 mm
L: 1160 mm


315 kg


Max tyre diameter: 800 mm
Max rim width: 10"
Max tyre size: 295/30x22
Min tyre size: 155/80x13

Available in following three RAL colours:

3002 - Red
5015 - Blue
9006 - Grey

Match Matic 900 from Ahcon can quickly prove to be a very good investment in the workshop. With the MatchMatic 900 the tire fixation optimizes on the rim automatically. The machine simulates driving on the road, and using computer controlled programs of 30 - 120 sec. the duration is adjustable pressure effects of sidewall and tread, thereby optimizing the tire homogeneity and "flat spots" will be reduced.

This results in fewer after balancing's and complaints. Ahcon Match Matic 900 is ideal for use in connection with Ahcon Speed ​​ Line System.


Adjust first of the tire pressure correctly depending on the tire size and pressure - from 5 to 6.5 bar. Now place the wheel in MatcMatic 900 by placing it on the rollers. Adjust the side rollers by means of the locking pin. The rollers must be adjusted to 15 to 20 mm from the edge of the rim for proper performance. Put the two timers respectively Bead Seat and Flexing. Press start and both processes start after the other. When the process is completed, stops and opens the machine automatically.


MatchMatic 900 ensures appropriate working height, and typically the wheel will be shipped to the machine via the rollers on a supply table from the previous function in the workflow. This avoids bending and twisting of the spine.


Using MatchMatic 900 ensures that the tire does not contain defects, which would later come during while driving.


MatcMatic 900 optimizes automatically the tires ”seat” on the rim. By help of adjustable pressure influence optimizes both the bead seat and the tread on the tire, thus becoming more uniform.