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Power Wall FLEX 1000 (631 00 050) FLEX 1700 (631 00 070) FLEX 2300 (631 00 100)

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Flex 1000 *631 00 050*

H: 1050mm
W: 76mm
L: 1120mm

Flex 1700   *631 00 070*

H: 1020mm
W: 76mm
L: 1720mm

Flex 2300  *631 00 100*

H: 1050mm
W: 76mm
L: 2340mm


Flex 2300 Combi   *631 00 150*

H: 1360mm
W: 745mm
L: 2380mm


Flex 2600 Combi    *631 00 170*

H: 1360mm
W: 745mm
L: 2680mm

Ahcon Power Wall Flex is a building system consisting of energy wall modules. The series includes three different models. Flex 2300 is 1050 mm high, 76 mm deep and 2340 mm long. The module is equipped with 8 outlets for compressed air and 2 outlets for connection. Flex 1700 is a little shorter, 1720 mm long and a 6 extension for compressed air and 2 outlets for connection. The series also includes Flex 2300 combi, an energy wall module combined with a dispenser for four wheels and with a clear "on the car"-placement instructions and ramp. This power wall has 4 outlets for compressed air and an outlet for the interconnection, and the dimensions of the dispenser part are: height 1360 mm, depth: 745 mm Length: 1300 mm. Total length of this energy wall is: 2380 mm.



Energy wall modules are typically used as shielding Ahcon speed line system in the workshop. The modules provide mounting line with many compressed air outlets, and as a side benefit the Flex 2300 makes sure that the entire work area look neat and tidy.


Power Wall Flex ensures that the pneumatic runners are sitting at a suitable height.


Shields the mounting and pumping process


Flex 2300 Combi with the dispenser and ram are storing the wheels, such that, thanks to ”on the car”- placing instructions, are never in doubt, where every individual wheel has to be mounted on the car.