Supply table (560 16 002)


Supply table     *560 16 002* 


H: 700 mm
W: 660 mm
L: 1630 mm

Ahcon is manufacturing a supply table, which is the ideal unit to combine with the Wheel lift WL 900. The supply table has space for three wheels at time and is equipped an automatic stop, so that the wheels don't fall over the edge, and also a roll for side drop. You also have an option to set the supply table with a variable fall in between 3° og 10°.


When the wheels are lifted up with the Wheel lift, they automatically continue further on the supply tables rolls. On the table there is space for three wheels and they are stopped automatically by a stop at the end of the table. Here there is mounted a roll right angled on the table, which makes sure that the side drop for the next function in the workflow. Gradually as there is space on the supply table, the wheel lift will bring the next wheel automatically up.


The supply table ensures an appropriate work height and the rolls mean, that the wheels are pushed forward for the following functions in the workflow. Hereby avoiding any bends and twists in the back.


Ensures a Safe and functional start on the work flow.


When the first of the 4 wheels is lifted off, the last wheel will be lifted on to the table.