Extra Products

  1. One set extansion arms

    One set extansion arms

    For Tractor and agricultar tyres

  2. Extra Tool Box

    Extra Tool Box

    With five trays

Tyre spreader/-lifter TS 9000 (200 20 000)


TS 9000      *200 20 000*


H: 1000 mm
W: 1200 mm
L: 1200 mm             


Working height: 895 mm
Lifting capacity: 350 kg
Max. tyre width: 570 mm                                 

Is available in three following RAL colour:

3002 - Red
5015 - Blue
9006 - Grey

To address the handling of the heavy and rigid truck, tractor and industrial tires, Ahcon has developed the semi-automatic tire spreader / lifter. The machine makes it easy, safe and ergonomically sound to inspect and repair of tires. The lifting device is equipped with an integrated halogen lamp, which by its strong light makes it much easier to inspect the tire and locate any damage.


Lower the tire spreader in the lowest position. Roll out the tire up to the ramp and through the tire spreader it goes up on the tire spreaders rollers. The height of the ramp is 220 mm. Reduce the level of the tire spreaders arms so that they are in a horizontal position, ensuring a safe dispersal of the tire. The activation switch raises and lowers the tire to the desired height, and to spread the tire you push down on the built-in activation pedal.


The semi-automatic tire spreader / lifter is designed so that the mechanic can stand in a comfortable position throughout the process. The large wheels are just rolled forward to the lifting ramp, and then the machine ensures for the heavy lifting. Tire spreaders arms are making sure to spread the tire, so the mechanic does not even need to use excessive force on this. This spares the body of unnecessary and continuous load.


The machine is activated by help of an activation switch for raising and lowering and there is an activation pedal for the spreading of the tire. Tire spreader is constructed in such a way, that you cannot get hurt by normal use of the machine, as long as the instructions are followed.


The integrated 12V Halogen light makes sure to provide a good and stabile working light, that makes it easier to locate the damages.