Wheel dispenser Trolley (650 00 003)

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Wheel dispenser trolley     *650 00 003*


H: 1280 mm
W: 640mm
L: 1350 mm

Wheel carriage with dispenser is ideal for all wheel changes in a workshop. The trailer is equipped with "stalls" for four wheels with clear placement instructions for where each of the wheels belongs: front / rear and left / right side. The Wheel Dispenser is moreover suitable for moving the wheels forward on tyre storage or storage for prolonged seasonal storage.


When changing wheels, wheels are stored and transported with the Wheel dispenser. Each wheel is placed in the clearly marked "stall", which indicates that the wheel must be mounted on the right or left side, and if it's a front or rear wheels. This avoids any doubt about location.


The Wheel Dispenser carriage is a great help, when the wheels need to be moved around the workshop. The wheels are namely rolled around the feet. The wheels are in proper working height of the vehicle, then lifted further up the installation is relatively small, and avoids bending and twisting of the spine.


Wheel Dispenser is equipped with movable separation that ensures that the wheel does not tip over or fall on the floor.


The trailer is divided into four "stalls" with a clear placement positions of right / left and for-/back wheel, so you are never in doubt about where the car each wheel to be mounted.