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  1. Supply table

     Supply table

    Ahcon is manufacturing a supply table, which is the ideal unit to combine with the Wheel lift WL 900.

Wheel Lift (560 16 000)

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Wheel lift incl. Supply table for one wheel *560 16 001*

H: 700 mm
W: 660 mm
L: 700 MM

Wheel lift for mounting on supply table * 560 16 000*

H: 700 mm
W: 660 mm
L: 400 mm


Max Tire diameter: 950 mm
Max Rim width: 12˝
Max weight: 65 kg

Comes in following three RAL colours:

3002 - Red
5015 - Blue
9006 - Gray


Ahcons wheel lift is the first and natural step in Ahcons optimized workflow. The full automatic wheel lift is
for person-, goods- and the light truck. Wheel lift is available in two variations: Wheel lift with a supply table for one wheel and wheel lift for mounting on a supply table with space for three wheels.




When the wheel is demounted from the car, its rolled carefully on to the wheel lifts lifting ramp. The lift will start automatically and the wheel lift brings the tire easily and carefully up to the supply table. The individually set 3-10° fall on the supply table ensures that the wheel will roll against the Bead Breaker or the tire changing machine. The supply table’s sensor system will automatically block, when the table is filled up – usually with three wheels. The fourth wheel will remain standing on the ramp – and will only be lifted, when there is space for it on the supply table.


The Wheel lift is an ergonomic gain for every auto repair shop, as it spares the mechanic for the many daily lifts of the wheel. The wheel is just rolled to the Wheel lift – and then it will automatically be lifted og the transported to the next work station. Hereby it is avoided the continuous strain from and damages to the back and knee.


The Wheel lift contributes to the systematization and efficiency of the work process in the work shop, as it gradually on its own rolls the wheels up as there is room on the supply table. It creates an optimized workflow.