Wheel Trolley Tower Lift

Storage of customer wheels is more and more often a question of exploiting the storage capacity best possible.

Many storage facilities are suitable for high tyre racks - the only challenge is to have a clever, safe and ergonomic way to get the tyres in and out of high tyre racks. 

This is why we invented the Wheel Trolley Tower Lift - that can go as high as 5,3 meters up including 4 wheels on the front tool.

With this lift it is now possible to both collect from and place tyres into tyre racks with up to 7 levels.

If you click into the product below, you will learn more about the advantages of the Wheel Trolley Tower Lift.

And you will see, that with this lift you can store a great amount of tyres - high up in the air!

Wheel Trolley Tower Lift 1.0

A clever pallet truck with lifting equipment that is compatible with regular-sized Wheel Trolleys.

The pallet truck is used to position tires and wheels onto high tire racks, while taking ergonomics and safety into consideration.

The Wheel Trolley Tower Lift ensures that working with tires and wheels in and out of tire racks can be done carefully and easily for the employee.


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Wheel Trolley Tower Lift 2.0

A new version of our pallet truck for handling tyres in high tyre racks. The 2.0 version is considerably user-friendly - and with many nice features. 

Wheel Trolley Tower Lift 2.0 also have a lifting equipment that is compatible with regular-sized Wheel Trolleys.

In fact version 2.0 has the same nice features as Wheel Trolley Tower Lift 1.0. Click to read what we added to the 2.0.


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