The optimal workflow in the handling of the tyre in the workshop, which ensures:
  • Trolley Lift

    Semiautomatic trolley lift            *610 70 150*

    Ahcon has developed a semi-automatic Trolley Lift, which can elevate the practical Relax Wheel Trolley  including four wheels. Trolley lift has a specially designed lifting device which fits under the wheel trolley. By activating the foot pedal the trolley and wheels will now lift up to the desired height, such as one that suits a Bead Breaker BBRT 900

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  • Wheelax wheel trolley

    Wheelax wheel trolley     *63001CKWT*

    The brilliant Wheelax wheel trolley is designed to transport wheels and tires around the workshop. The Wheel trolley has a low weight, but can carry up to 120 kg. It is intended for the loading of 4 wheels or up to 8 tires. The trolley is also suitable as a temporary storage solution. When the trolleys are not in use, they can be stacked, so they do not take up room in the workshop. The Wheelax wheel trolley is also compatible with Ahcon Tyre Caddy.

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  • Bead Breaker

    BBRT 700/900 / 900 XL

    BBRT 700       * 610 12 100*
    BBRT 900       *610 12 140*
    BBRT 900XL   *610 12 150*

    A central part in Ahcons optimized ESI-workflow are those semiautomatic Bead Breakers. With Ahcons Bead Breaker the work goes with pressing the tyre free of the rim horizontal - and it provides far less damage to the rim and a much better working position than by traditional vertical Bead Breaker.

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  • Inflation Station

    IT 500/700/900

    IT 500    *551 05 550*
    IT 700    *551 10 750*
    IT 900    *552 10 750*

    Ahcon produces safety inflation stations for inflating of car, van and light truck tires up to 7 bars. They are simply an indispensable part of a professional tire work shop - both in terms of optimizing the ESI workflow and in terms of ergonomics and safety. For pumping stations IT 700 and 900, there is used the user-friendly pump computer Ahcon PCI 6200 and CI 5000. For pumping station IT 500 there is used the pump computer  Ahcon PCI 1000.

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  • MatchMatic 900

    Match Matic 900 from Ahcon can quickly prove to be a very good investment in the workshop. With the Match Matic the tire fixation optimizes on the rim automatically. The machine simulates driving on the road, and using computer controlled programs of 30 - 120 sec. the duration is adjustable pressure effects of sidewall and tread, thereby optimizing the tire homogeneity and "flat spots" will be reduced.

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  • Centering Lift

    WCL 500 / WCL 700

    Ahcon produces two semi-automatic wheel centering lifts, WCL 500 and WCL 700, for passenger cars, vans and light truck wheels that are an important part of the optimal ESI workflow in the workshop. Centering lifts ensures "weightless" clamping of the wheel balancing machines shaft and fits the most balance machines.

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  • Wheel Lift

    WL 900

    Wheel Lift            *560 16 001*

    Fully automatic wheel lift incl. support table for one wheel.

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  • Supply table

    Supply table          *560 16 002*

    Ahcon is manufacturing a supply table, which is the ideal unit to combine with the Wheel lift WL 900.

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  • Wheel Lift - BB 700

    Wheel Lift - BB 700          *610 70 100*

    Ahcon has developed a semiautomatic wheel lift, which can lift up one wheel. By activating the foot pedal, the wheel will be lifted in to the wanted height, that which fits for example with the Bead Breaker BBRT 900.

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  • Flip Lift

    Flip Lift           *900 99 006*

    Flip lift semiautomatic wheel lift, with two way functions.

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  • Variolift

    VL 700/900

    VL 700  (up/down)   * 900 99 021*
    VL 900  (sideways tip)  *900 99 025*

    The Solid Vario lift wheel lifting table, VL 700 and VL 900 ensures for a safe lift and conveying of the wheel from the tire changing machine to the pump portal

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  • Roller table

    Roller table 900                                          *560 05 000*
    Roller table 1200                                        *560 12 000*  
    Roller table 1500                                        *560 15 000*
    90° roller table with conical rollers           *560 16 005*

    The perfect solution from getting the wheels from machine too machine. 

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  • Power Wall


    Flex 1000                   *631 00 050*
    Flex 1700                    *631 00 070*
    Flex 2300                     *631 00 100*
    Flex 2300 Combi           *631 00 150*
    Flex 2600 Combi            *631 00 170*

    AHCON Power Wall Flex is a building system consisting of energy wall modules. The series includes three different models. Flex 2300 is 1050 mm high, 76 mm deep and 2340 mm long. The module is equipped with 8 outlets for compressed air and 2 outlets for connection. Flex 1700 is a little shorter, 1720 mm long and a 6 extension for compressed air and 2 outlets for connection.

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  • IC1 Safety cage


    IC1 Simplex           *151 05 253*
    IC1 Duplex             *151 07 253*
    IC1 UNI Simplex    *151 10 273*
    IC1 UNI Duplex      *151 14 273*
    UNI XL Simplex       *151 15 273*
    UNI XL Duplex         *151 16 273*

    One of the most famous products from Ahcon is the safety pump cages, which are used for individual safe inflation of truck tires with or without over pressure.


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  • Safety cage for two truck tyres

    HP 2

    HP 2 Simplex      *151 31 283*
    HP 2 Duplex        *151 35 283*

    HP 2 is a complete inflation cage with side door and with safety switches on both sides and a sliding front. The Safety cage has side support wheels and integrated rollers with roll-out system on both sides.

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  • EM Safety Inflation cage

    EM Safe

    EM Safe     *151 45 273*

    EM SAFE is a complete safety cage that is suitable for large wheels, with side door and with safety switch. Safety cage has adjustable wheel support and integrated rollers with roll-out system. In addition, an Emergency emptying system with 10 meter cable and switch. Safety cages are used with Ahcon Inflation computer CI 5000 12 bar incl. door switch and Omega-Jet system for truck tires 22.5 "including 50 liter tank.

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  • Maxi Safety Inflation cage

    Maxi Safe

    Maxi Safe             *150 63 000*
    Maxi Safe SD       *150 65 000*
    Maxi Safe Combi *150 67 000*

    Ahcon safety cage, MAXI SAFE is designed for extra-large wheels. MAXI SAFE is designed with double doors, either in the front or in the side and with sliding door on the left.

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  • Test vessel for passanger cars

    Test vessel for passanger car                    *210 12 000*

    Hot galvanized test vessel for passanger car wheels.
    For secure location of injuries.

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  • Test vessel for truck tyres and tubes

    Testvessel for truck tyres and tubes                                  *210 10 000*

    Hot galvanized test vessel for secure location of injuries on tubes and tyres.

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  • Crane with liftingstar

    Crane with liftingstar                     *210 20 000*

    Pneumatic double function for pressing the tube or tyre below the water surface.

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  • Tip Lift for truck wheels

    Tip Lift for truck wheels                     *210 15 000*

    Tip Lift for truck wheels. This follow with an extansion *900 15 100* for tractor and aggricultur wheels.

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  • TS 9000 Tyre spreader /-Lifter

    TS 9000

    TS 9000 Tyre spreader /-Lifter                    *200 20 000*

    This machine makes it both easy, safe and ergonomically sound to inspect and repair tyres.

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  • Tyre caddy

    Tyre Caddy               *650 15 000*

    Easy and quick transport of tyres and wheels to the vehicle.
    Compatible with Wheelax wheel trolley.

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  • Wheel dispenser trolley

    Wheel dispenser trolley                         *650 00 003*

    Wheel dispenser trolley for 4 wheels.
    Incl. placement guides.

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  • TS 700 - Tyre spreader

    TS 700

    TS 700 - Tyre spreader                 *200 40 000*

    For Inspection and tyre repair.
    Suitable for car- and commercial tyres.

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  • Q-Line Inflation table

    ECO SAFE 1200

    Q-Line Inflation table                 *551 00 100*

    Inflation table with rollers and safety portal.
    Incl. spring supported Michelin Dainu gauge.
    The perfect conncetion between tyrechanger and balancing machine.

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  • Universal Tyre Mounting Paste

    Universal Tyre Mounting Paste                   *100 1000*

    5 KG tyre mounting lubricant for universal application.

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  • High Performance Tyre Mounting Paste

    High Performance Tyre Mounting Paste    *100 2000*

    5 KG Mounting lubricant for Run Flat and UHP applications.

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  • Heavy Duty Tyre Mounting Cream

    Heavy Duty Tyre Mounting Cream           *100 3000*

    5 KG tyre mounting lubricant for heavy duty applications.

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  • Tyre racks

    Startsæt til 60 dæk/hjul.     *25004504150*
    Forlængersæt til 30 dæk/hjul. *25004502050*
    Startsæt til 80 dæk/hjul.      *30004504150*
    Forlængersæt til 40 dæk/hjul.  *30004502050*

    Tyre racks are well suitable for wheel storage.

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