SMART Workshop Cart with AHCON Tools

A nice cart stuffed with lots of tools - where every single part is located nicely with a god overview.

Does that sound like a dream...?

With our SMART Workshop Cart including tools is it a dream that is easy and cheap to realise. The workshop cart is part of our FLEXLINE series of workshop stations.

The SMART workshop cart is with 7 drawers. The 5 upper drawers are slim - and therefore the perfect match for the AHCON Tools plates.

Besides the many drawers, the cart is fitted with clever features - among others a top in a combination of stainless steel and smart storage spaces in ABS plastics. This way you can easily bring the important stuff with you around the workshop.

 Bying this item, you get the cart - and 5 plates with AHCON Tools of your very own choice. This way you get exactly the tools you need the most.


  • Complete cart with a lot of tools
  • The cart has many good features
  • Choose the tools, you need

You can see the complete selection of AHCON Tools below at "Accessories".


  • 7016/ 9006

Max Load

400 kg / 882 lbs

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Item No.
Smart Workshop Cart with AHCON Tools
1,010 mm (H) X 780 mm (W ) 480 mm (D) 39.8 inch (H) X 30.7 inch (W ) 18.9 inch (D)