PCI 2000 Computer Inflator

Fully automatic computer inflator available in 16 and 20 Bar versions.

It can be used for AHCON safety inflation cages for the inflation of air plane wheels.

PCI 2000 has 4 programs, which can be configured individually. 

PCI 2000 comes in a metal cabinet that can be painted in on of the 4 RAL colors as shown below.

Approved for nitrogen inflation and prepared for AHCON Jet System.


  • Extremely user-friendly operation
  • High measuring accuracy and easy readable display
  • Possible to make individual configuration of the programs
  • Available in 16 bar and 20 bar versions

Reading accuracy: 0.1 Bar / 1 PSI / 5KPA


  • 7016


  • Airplane

Stock Status

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Item No.
PCI 2000, 16 BAR
100 10 160
PCI 2000, 20 BAR
100 10 200
230V (+/- 10%) - 50/60 HZ


Operation of PCI 1000, PCI 2000 & PCI 3000

The operation of the PCI's is extremely user-friendly.

The computer inflators are all with 4 programs, which can be configured individually. There is also an option for customized solutions and updates via USB transfer.

The display is with large and clear numbers. 

The computer inflators can be mounted with a holder on top of the safety inflation cage or the inflation station - but it is also possible to mount them on the wall with a bracket or choose a floor stand.