Tyre Seat Optimizing

In order to optimize the tyre placement on the rim and remove the so-called ”flat spots” on the tyre, AHCON has designed Match Matic 900. 

Match Matic simulates driving on the road, and using computer controlled programs with a duration of 30 to 120 seconds, adjustable pressure is applied on the side wall and tread. This helps optimize tyre homogeneity and reduce ”flat spots”. 

Wheel optimization in Match Matic 900 results in fewer complaints and subsequent alignment. 


  • Perfect to optimise the seat of the tyre on the rim
  • Removes "flat spots" from the tyres.
  • The result is among others more satisfied customers and less subsequent alignment

Learn more about the Match Matic below!

Match Matic 900

Match Matic 900 optimizes the seat of the tyre on the rim. Reduces flat spots by among others simulating road conditions.

Adjustable pressure on sidewalls and tread.

The use of Match Matic 900 reduces claims and rebalancing of mounted tyres.


  • Car

  • Van

  • 4x4

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