AHCON Wheel Buddy

Wheel Buddy is the perfect cart when mounting and dismounting wheels. The cart is intended for 1-4 wheels.

The gain by using Wheel Buddy is, that it is possible to lay off wheels in a good working height and thereby avoid heavy lifting from and to the floor.

The lifting frame of AHCON Wheel Buddy raises and lowers in relation to the load. Thereby a maximum of good ergonomic is ensured – whether you have 1 or 4 wheels on your Wheel Buddy, as the upper wheel always will be placed in an ergonomic working height.

The cart is equipped with a practical perforated plate, that can be mounted with hooks for the hanging of all necessary tools for wheel change. Moreover Wheel Buddy includes a storage place for bolts.

AHCON Wheel Buddy is also the perfect “parking spot” for wheel when doing mechanical work.


  • The upper wheel is kept in a perfect working height
  • No harmful lifting of wheels to or from the floor 
  • Space saving storage of wheels during service tasks 
  • Easy to manoeuvre around the workshop
  • If you have several Wheel Buddys in the workshop they can be pushed together, when not being used


  • Car

  • Van

  • 4x4

Item No.
AHCON Wheel Buddy
650 20 211
1,311 mm (H) X 648 mm (W ) 783 mm (D) 51.6 inch (H) X 25.5 inch (W ) 30.8 inch (D)