Wheel Cart with dispenser

The Wheel Cart with the clever dispensing system can be used when dismounting wheels from the car on the lift.

The Wheel Cart is both for storage and transportation of dismounted wheels.

The dispensing system indicates clearly where on the car every single wheel belongs.

From the Wheel Cart it is easy to roll the wheels onto the mounting line, where the job with the wheel can take place.

The use of the Wheel Cart secures, that the wheels are in an ergonomic working height and thereby reduses bending and rotating the back.

The Wheel Cart is adjustable in height for 400 mm with an interval of 50 mm.


  • Ideal when changing wheels in the workshop
  • Secures that the wheels are in an ergonomic working height
  • From the Wheel Transporter the wheels can be rolled to the mounting line
  • With dispensers for 4 wheels with clear placement indication


  • 7016


  • Car

  • Van

Max Load

160 kg / 325 lbs

Max Wheelsize

H: 825 mm / 32.5 inch
W : 280 mm / 11 inch

Stock Status

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Item No.
650 00 004
1,280 mm (H) X 640 mm (W ) X 1,350 mm (L) 50.4 inch (H) X 25.2 inch (W ) X 53.1 inch (L)