AHCON was founded in 1970 by the Danish inventor Arne Hjort-Hansen.

In the beginning he was very interested in making tyre assembly machines for truck wheels, but soon expanded his areas of interest.

Arne Hjorth Hansen had a well-developed sense to see what was missing in the market - for both safety and efficiency purposes. For example, he saw the need to increase security by inflating truck tyres. Therefore he engineered and patented the safety inflation cages, that are now recognized worldwide.

Arne Hjorth-Hansen also saw the possibility of streamlining the workshop.
Therefore, he developed the first inflation dispensers, the PCI's, with overpressure and automatically controlling the operating pressure. This is the basis of the inflation computers, that we produce today.

Arne Hjorth-Hansen also discovered opportunities to mount tires on an assembly line. It became the beginning of the Speed Line System, that allows you to mount tyres in an ergonomic, safe and timesaving way. 

In 2006 Arne Hjorth Hansen sold his lifework to FLEX1ONE. We now do our very best to continue his work, ideas and creativity.