OEM Speedline System 1

This Speedline System is combined with the purpose to make it very fast, streamlined and ergonomic to assemble wheels.

It is recommended for firsttime assemly of wheels. 

For this kind of wheel assembly it is very important that the job can be done fast - and without errors.

Secondly it is very important to take ergonomic into consideration - because the same employee will be doing the same tasks for many hours.

The line is made without any lift in the beginning. The reason is, that the employee will take both a new rim and a new tyre from the pallets.  


  • Tyrechanger
  • AHCON Roller tables and extension tables
  • AHCON PCI 1000 on floor stands
  • AHCON Centering Lift WCL 700
  • Wheel Balancer
  • AHCON Roll-out ramp
  • AHCON Swing Lift


  • The roller tables secures a smooth transport of the wheels
  • The PCI´s offers a fast inflation of 2 wheels simultaneously
  • The Centering Lift lifts and transports the wheel to the shaft of the wheel balancer
  • The Roll-out ramp secures a smooth connection to the swing lift
  • The Swing Lift lifts the wheel automatically to the rollertables in the end of the line, that leads to the packaging area

Go through the pictures to see drawings of this line.


  • 7016/ 9006


  • Car

  • Van

  • 4x4

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OEM Speedline System 1
13,406 mm (L) 527.8 inch (L)