AHCON Speedline System 2

This Speedline System is a combination of 6 items.

Despite the relatively simple construction it is a line of equipment that improves ergonomics, safety and efficiency a lot.


  • AHCON Wheel Trolley Lift
  • AHCON Bead Breaker BBRT 900
  • Tyrechanger
  • AHCON Inflation Station IT 500 including 1 extension table
  • Wheel balancer
  • AHCON Power Walls


  • The Wheel Trolley lift removes the necissity of lifting the wheels
  • The Bead Breaker secures a good working posture
  • The Inflation station optimizes safety and reduces the time working on the wheel - as you can inflate automatically while you change the next tyre.
  • The extension table makes an ergonomic connection to the tyrechanger. In this case the tyrechangere is with a helping arm on the left side. The extension table is then good to reach the plate of the tyrechanger. 
  • The Power Walls is first of all a good consumption of compressed air and secondly a good schield of the line to the area on the other side

Go through the pictures to see drawings of this line.


  • 7016/ 9006


  • Car

  • Van

  • 4x4

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Speedline System 2
5,800 mm (L) 228.4 inch (L)