F1 Steel Racks

F1 Steel racks are part of our own brand within storage racks known as the F1 Storage System.

The Steel racks are very easy to install. The shelves can be mounted with an interval of only 25 mm.

The shelves are simply clicked on - which makes it very easy to move around the shelves.

The shelves can resist a rather heavy load, and are of that reason the perfect choice for the storage of spareparts.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to adjust the placement of shelves
  • More extension set can be added on to an existing steel rack
  • The steel racks are galvanized

F1 Steel rack, starter set

The F1 Steel racks are very easy to install at your storage.

The steel racks are available in different sizes and can be extended with one or more extension set.

Click to see the sizes of our steel racks as starter set.

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F1 Steel rack, extension set

Make a fast and easy extension of an existing F1 Steel rack with an extension set.

The extension set are made as add-on set that can be build together with a F1 Steel rack in your storage.

The F1 Steel racks as extension set are available in different sizes. Click to learn more.

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