OTR 2000 Safety Inflation Cage

OTR 2000 is a safety inflation cage for tractor-, EM- and truck wheels.

The Safety inflation cage is available as a basic version, mountable with various equipment – including a sliding door on the side, easing the access to the pump nipple and wheel inspection. The cage can also be ordered as a fully equipped version including a fullautomatic computer inflator and other types of equipment.

OTR 2000 appears as a stunning, simple and streamlined inflation cage with top safety.

The size of OTR 2000 has been adjusted to fit the remaining range of safety inflation cages – including TBR 1200 for truck wheels and MAXI SAFE for the largest wheels.


  • High safety during inflation of tractor-, EM- and truck wheels
  • Manufactured in DUPLEX wire mesh
  • Order the basic cage and fit with the equipment listed below.
    Alternatively the cage is also available in a fully equipped version.


  • 7016


  • Truck

  • OTR

Max Wheelsize

H: 1,850 mm / 72.8 inch
W : 850 mm / 33.5 inch

Wire Mesh


Stock Status

Delivery time may be expected
Item No.
OTR 2000 Safety inflation Cage PLUS 1.0, Duplex containing:
Incl. PCI 900/12 Bar, Emergency emptying system, warning light, front roll-out system and left side sliding door
150 03 000 P1.0
2,004 mm (H) X 1,050 mm (W ) X 2,164 mm (L) 78.9 inch (H) X 41.4 inch (W ) X 85.2 inch (L)
OTR 2000, Duplex | Cage only
150 03 000
2,004 mm (H) X 1,050 mm (W ) X 2,164 mm (L) 78.9 inch (H) X 41.4 inch (W ) X 85.2 inch (L)
PCI 1200/12 bar computer inflator kit
100 15 120OTR
PCI 900/12 Bar computer inflator kit
100 09 120OTR
Michelin manual tyre inflator kit
242 71 991+
Emergency emptying system
950 13 006
Warning light, orange
400 00 129
Audible alarm, sound and warning light
400 00 135
Roll-out system, front
900 21 160
Roll-out system, back
900 21 161
Sliding door, left side
900 21 170
Sliding door, right side
900 21 171
Back door
900 23 200
Connection set
900 23 180



The workflow of using an inflation cage can be various. It all depends on the structure of the cage.

One way could be like you see it from the pictures:

  • The valve is connected to the inflation unit
    This can both be done on the front - or via the side door if the cage is constructed with that
  • The wheel is rolled into the cage
  • The door is closed carefully
  • Finally the computer inflator is programmed to inflate the tyre
  • When taking out the wheel from the cage again the roll-out system can be triggered with the foot.

MOVIE: The Safety of AHCON inflation cages

Click to see the short movie showing how an inflation cage protects.

The first part of the movie shows a wheel exploding while being inflated outside an inflation cage.

The last part shows you an explosion inside an inflation cage.