OTR MAXI SAFE Safety Inflation Cage

Safe inflation of extra large tyres.

The OTR MAXI SAFE Safety inflation cage is suitable for inflation of wheels with a height of up to 2.200 mm.

The use of the safety inflation cage secures that both ergonomics and safety is accommodated. The large, heavy wheels can be rolled into the cage, and all switches and the computer inflator are placed in a user friendly height. 

OTR MAXI SAFE Safety inflation cage is fitted with a double door in front and a sliding door on the left side. The front door is equipped with special pneumatic locking pawls, that offers an extra high level of security in case of an explosion. 

OTR MAXI SAFE has a bottom made of galvanized steel. This construction reduces the risk of formation of corrosion on the contact surface with the floor. Furthermore the cage is with adjustable feet, that secures a stabile position on the workshop floor. 

The safety inflation cage can be equipped with an AHCON computer inflator.


  • Can be used for inflation of extra large wheels
  • Also for the inflation of truck- and OTR tyres
  • Equipped with a front door and a sliding door on the left side 
  • The front door is with pneumantic locking pawls
  • Can be equipped with an AHCON computer inflator

The cages is made of DUPLEX wire mesh - which means a double protection layer.

The picture shows a MAXI SAFE cage with a PCI 900 computer inflator mounted on the side. Look below for the computer.


  • 7016


  • Truck

  • OTR

Max Wheelsize

H: 2,200 mm / 86.6 inch
W : 1,200 mm / 47.2 inch

Wire Mesh

Item No.
150 63 000
2,400 mm (H) X 1,400 mm (W ) X 2,700 mm (L) 94.5 inch (H) X 55.1 inch (W ) X 106.2 inch (L)



The workflow of using an inflation cage can be various. It all depends on the structure of the cage.

One way could be like you see it from the pictures:

  • The valve is connected to the inflation unit
    This can both be done on the front - or via the side door if the cage is constructed with that
  • The wheel is rolled into the cage
  • The door is closed carefully
  • Finally the computer inflator is programmed to inflate the tyre
  • When taking out the wheel from the cage again the roll-out system can be triggered with the foot.


A short introduction video of the OTR MAXI SAFE Safety inflation cage, displaying some of the many features and benefits of the safety inflation cage.

Take notice of the front door, that is equipped with special pneumatic locking prawls, that offers an extra high level of security in case of an explosion.

MOVIE: The Safety of AHCON inflation cages

Click to see the short movie showing how an inflation cage protects.

The first part of the movie shows a wheel exploding while being inflated outside an inflation cage.

The last part shows you an explosion inside an inflation cage.