When our skilled welders are done with their job, we send the welded parts for painting at a supplier nearby our premesis in Brørup. After the painting we only have to mount the parts into finished AHCON products.

In our mounting workshop our team of fitters put together the painted parts and add electrical and pneumatic functions. They make sure that everything works and looks good.

The AHCON products have a big variation when it comes to actual size and complexity. Also the number of items produced from item number to item number varies a lot.

And this is one of the important key words of our production: we are both able to produce equipment with a count of many items per item number - and we are able to produce equipment with only a small number of each item number. 

A nother key word is our ability to make adjustments regarding to the wishes of our customers. All in all we like to say that everything is possible in our production - and we really aim to stay flexible.

If you visit us, we will be glad to show you the mounting workshop so you can see by yourself how the AHCON products grow within the hands of our fitters.