Workshop Walls

AHCON Workshop Walls are divided into to categories: Power Walls and Acoustic Walls.

AHCON Power Walls are modules equipped with outlets for compressed air and outlets for connection of several power walls. Futhermore it is possible to install the power walls with an electrical power set.

The power walls are designed to provide an extra air tank that balances the consumption on the existing air supply, which in many cases is undersized in relation to the too many outlets and consumption. 

The galvanised decor plate of AHCON power walls serves as a tool board for pneumatic tools. 


  • Provides an extra air tank in the workshop
  • Several power walls can be connected with each other
  • Can also be installed to be a supply of electrical power
  • Available in several sizes and designs.

AHCON Acoustic Walls are made for noise suppression in the workshop. They are sold in a fixed and a portable version.

FLEX Power Walls

FLEX powerwalls are available in 3 different sizes.

They are all equipped with 2 connectors for the connection to futher modules.

According to the size of each wall they are futhermore equipped with a variable amount of connectors for compressed air.

Click into the product to see sizes and more information.

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Combi Power Walls

The COMBI Power Walls are created on the base of the FLEX Power walls - combined with a dispnser for 4 wheels.

COMBI Power Walls makes the perfect connection from the wheel balancer to the "working area" with the car on the lift on the other side.

These power walls are available in 2 sizes - equipped with connectors for compressed air and connectors for the connection to further power wall modules.

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Acoustic Walls

Create an efficient noise suppression in the workshop by using AHCON acoustic walls.

Available in two different versions of which one is fixed to the floor and one is portable.

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